Leo Creole

love and hate

Leo creole is beauty by far,
never knew until i held you.

Leo i thought i knew leaving me,
stunned and wondering is it true.

creole not knowing of such a kind,
seeking to learn what did i find

leaving me frozen with emotions of,
love , lust, sacred, and all.
you are that beautiful bright blue velvet,

blue like the sky it was given to us ,
to feel alive, velvet like royalty noble,
and true all the quality's I've wanted in
someone like you.

My Leo creole without a doubt ,
I no longer have to float about,
i feel you are the one to hold and love
to cherish and support through all that comes,

my Leo creole that's all I have to say
no other words can express what i
have to proclaim .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my Leo creole

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Leo Creole

Thought this was lovely and heartfelt.