A curse

A cry for help

This curse I am bound by

I cannot seem to untangle

It ,

My family brought upon me ,

A curse that I hate

An addiction to my health

I cannot stand,

My love of my life hates

As well do I

A hunting past of my love

It hurts me to do this

However, it is not my fault I never brought

It upon me


A curse of a drug life is not

For me but I can’t seem

To move away from it.

Patient as you are

Sitting next to me and not afar

I need help from this curse

Before it leaves a scare

A curse it is a wicked one

At that baby, help me

Before it takes

Me from you and all that is

Meant for us

This curse is a strong one and evil

But your love for me is stronger

And will prevail it


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help i need

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