my missing puzzle piece


My missing puzzle piece I found

Lying on the ground,

I picked you up from all the people

Walking on you,

I put you with the puzzle of me thinking wow

You fit snuggly.

Happy and sound I found you

Never knowing I could

Love the one I do.

My love is strong and will always be,

Will you be my missing puzzle piece That fits.

Not a corner nor the edge but the center

That makes it fit,

My missing puzzle piece I hope you sit tight

For I can never find a match so alike.

One in a million the best by far

 at night my

Shiny star  

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thank you sanctus i take all

thank you sanctus i take all you have to say in good thoughts


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nice write

nice write

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thank you

thank you


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man, that sounds really

man, that sounds really good!!!!!!!!!!