is this the end

lost love

Is this the end of five years strong?

Never thought it could go wrong

The windy road that we took

Always seem to keep us hooked

Is this the end of love, as I know It

please tell me this isn't Real

Is the end of having you?

Holding you tight always having you in my sight

Telling you words like I love you

Kissing you saying til death & beyond

I felt our love was strong

Is this the end of you and me?

Wondering leaves me so cold and blue

Alone at night makes it true

However, I will fight to keep you near

Cause my world without you

Can get so severe

Is this the end I pray not

If so then I fill my plot

So no one can ever take your

Spot my heart is yours

It is meant that way

 Is this the end?

I will just have to wait and pray  




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