My Vow

I'll open my heart.

I have nothing to hide.

I'll give into you.

In you I confide.

You are my all, my being and soul.

You carry this love, to have and to hold.

For better or worst.

Till death do us part.

I swear this to you as a brand new start.

In sickness and health.

For rich or for poor.

In the shine of the sun, or the crashing downpour.

Through the darkness and through the fight, I'll shine for you and never lose light.

For blinding passion.

For unyielding love.

I'll be your everything--an angel above.

There's no end of time, just sweet serenity.

There's only you and only me for all eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My vow to you Bryan. I love you, always and forever. <3

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