Shut Out

Shut the world away from us.

Shun the sun and damn the moon.

Lets escape and run away.

Tell them all we'll be back soon.

Shut the door and pull the shades.

Forget the rest and lets be alone.

No more pretending in what we do.

I feel your breath and hear your tone.

Shut the others out in the cold.

Let them freeze as we hold each other.

I'm addicted to you and you're my reason.

We are not perfect, but lets not bother.

Shut out the air and lets not breathe.

This is something far too deep to explain.

Let us not worry about the details.

Lets be together and forget the strain.

Shut out the world and fly away.

There's nothing to hold us back anymore.

SO lets forget the rest and fly away.

We, together, have more than the power to soar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's just you and me baby.

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