Without You

Dark Poetry

It's been the longest time without you.

Don't know how I've survived without you.

But here I am, no doubt, without you.

It hurts to write this down.

Don't know how I've managed not to drown.

But here I am, so empty and so down.

It feels like my heart is bleeding.

Don't know how my soul is feeding.

But here I am, still breathing.

It's as though I'm being called.

Don't know how you're not appalled.

But here I am, curled and balled up at your feet--appalled.

It feels like I can't make amends.

Don't know how I haven't broken from the bends.

But here I am, bent and sent, caught within the trends.

It feels like we're here, coast to coast.

Don't know how, alone, I coast.

But here I am, alive, breathing--to the night we toast.

It's almost as though you're here with me.

Don't know how this could possibly be.

But here I am, unable to be, to breathe without you and me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't be without you.

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