My summer to ice

(Written December 2015)


As the icy wind blows and the land 

Grows cold. 

As snow kisses my face and my heart 

Freezes like the warm lake we visited. 

The change... It seemed so slow, but

Actually it was quick. 


It got so cold, so fragile while nature Took it's place. 

Now you skate on the surface hoping 

That it won't break, 

Because we're scared to feel how cold

Realision might feel against our faces. 


Amazingly as I feel the cold surface of

The ground. 

I still remember what it was like 

When you were around... 

The summer my heart raced and I 

Never had a frown. 

The summer, well the summer we

Allowed ourselves to find out what

This might be. 


We let love and life have its way and

Now we'll never regret that day. 

It felt like we weren't even actually on 

Earth that day. 

We somehow just completely forgot 

About time and the place. 


Then some where a long the way you

Took my heart and that's where

It will always stay. 

It amazed me how reality was in our

Favor in some way. 

It never interrupted in any sort of way. 

We just got lost in the atmosphere

Or the world was just perfect that day. 


Time went on and the summer just Kept going strong . 

We hadn't realised that half the Season had already gone. 

We just got caught up in how strong 

Our love got. 

It was perfect then one day I felt the 

Cold wind come through. 


It was a whisper from life saying

, "It might end soon... " I'm just Warning you, 

Because I know you fever that day Too. 

You then reassured me you'll never

Leave me to deal with the cold again. 

I knew it was true, but one day... 

The sky wasn't blue. 


The sun went away and then all I Knew I created a storm which grew. 

The thunder, lightening and rain Came from an unknown rage. 

It roars, because there's no way for it

To be tamed, but then it finally Stopped one day. 


It destroyed everything, it even Damaged me. 

It left an after affect you wouldn't Believe and worst of all it destroyed 

You and me. 

It destroyed our hopes, dreams, plans

And whatever we had. 

Naturally was strange , because our Love could even survive the worst of Days. 


The winter storm just broke whatever We made. 

It left a sign saying, "THIS IS HOW LOVE ENDS EVERYDAY."

Now as the icy winds blow and the Land grows cold. 

As snow kisses my cheek and my Heart begins to freeze. 

Life will only say one thing, "WHEN




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