You walked lightly into my life
And I thought yo would stay
But you walked away impatiently and impolitely

I was glad you came my way
So you could wash my pains away,
You never succeed and you ran away

I know sometimes I get angry
And say some words I don't mean,
That's what makes me human, I'm not perfect

You were the star that ignited between my eyes
The sun that slapped farther into the western sky,
But you should also know you were the cause of my anger

No matter if you choose to come back or not
My entire life is forever changed

Just because you loved me for a moment in time
And because I chose to love you for the rest of mine

If you came back, I'd be glad,
For every piece of happiness you'd restore
And for your magnificent return I strongly implore...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The word OLORI MI is a western Nigeria word meaning MY QUEEN

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