I touched your neck you jerked back instead

I call you, and sometimes you’ll answer with a drone

I text you and you never text back… are you alone?

Who are you sleeping in with?

Maybe you’re not ready for this…

They never chased me… but just maybe

If I pull away you’ll find me and stay

I want this to work, I feel we’re unique

We threw football in Donnie’s backyard

My heart landed at your feet… when you laughed that way

Did it all mean something or was it just play?

I am going to hang back now

Stay gone until you call

I have to know if this is the real thing

I feel like you don’t really want me at all

I feel I am just here for your needs,

Someone to worship you and kiss your feet

This is too much for my emotions

I twist and turn for you blindly without the notion

Of you leaving…

Your best friend is deceiving, dumped his girl

I don’t want you to give that a whirl

I want you near

I will disappear

Come to your senses and beat my heart

Come to your senses and we’ll never part

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To Michael

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dull as dishwater

dull as dishwater