The Secret


I feel like a shimmering gypsy, covered in jewels

Singing a sweet song, forever amused

I reveal my smile, I feel the universe within

The wind begins to blow and I begin to spin

Taking this life lightly, knowing the worst won't

Get me down

I once got hit by life and collided with the ground

I sat there in the grass and it began to rain

My jewels no longer shown and I thought it was the end

The universe did not respond to my sobbing pleas

I looked to to find my body torn and my bloodied knees

Feeling you staring at me now, awe painted across your face

Reached for you, you helped me up and now I am in a

Better place! I am dancing above the clouds, in your arms

Today, taking the world with a grin and laughing

The night away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Josef

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Leslee Larsen's picture

Wow. I love this Poem It spoke to me.
Very Good.