Stop Thinking


my back hurts and I'm tired

of these lies lingering in

this heated home, 'I'll call

you soon' and soon never comes

my mind swings this way and

that trying to capture things

to keep me still,

the black around my eyes slid

off with the tears and left to

find the circles under his,

under his bed he hides the 'white'

suppose it's true 'cause the lies

are still lingering here in my


for the past 5 days I've been

forgotten and remembered in so

many ways,

suppose I breathe in and out 5

times and my breath somehow made

it to him and blew the 'white'

out of his mind.

would he call me and stop the lies?

or was I just his week or two...

this blue lit screen keeps me weak.

meagan meagan meagan meagan stop thinking of him

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Paul Blakeford's picture

Memories mold and melt your mind
The more you fight, the more you find
Thoughts creep in his direction
Crush the lust to kill obsession

I'm going to make that a poem! Good job.