Help Me


On his dreamy front porch with cords of white beneath me

He leans my way and rests his days his thought upon me

This load can I bare?

Should I run away cuz he deserves so much more...

And needs so much more then just me

His eyes are oh so deep

He's sinking inside me

He's been inside my mind and plotted his course carefully

He's come out succesfully

My feet have traveled his path and still do so everyday

On his dreamy front porch is where my wonder went

To find it was the end

Tears spilt again over nothing

Over bad dreams

And inside my bad dreams are haunting things

Things that hurt and sting

That make my stomach churn  

If I told this angel of all I've been through

Upon him would be placed a certain doom

A certain doom  that has been burnt into my flesh my Fingertips....

To remove it would be fatal cuz I'm already gone

I can't believe that I'm so gone

When on cords of white I'm seated

All around me light

Eyes staring so I try to fight

Why do I try to fight an angel

Because I could never hide from those eyes

To fight would mean death so save me

But my angel saving me could be fatal

It will be hard...

I'm already gone

Long gone    

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Paul Blakeford's picture

You have really done a good job on this one because normally I don't like poems that start off lines in lower case. Call me crazy, I know. This one is excellent. I especially like the open image with the porch of cords. Almost makes me wonder if the man wants to hang himself in order to avoid intimacy.