no, don't even look at him

he'll take you in a second

if you let him come to close

he'll touch every place

in you, he'll make you cry

for him he'll lay you down

at night and you'll try to

fight the thought of him

he'll screw with you he

screwed me up too

I'm not one of the few I'm

dirty you'll be in hell with

him but the floors will be

gilded don't even look at him

he'll take you in a second

                                 I'm dirty I'm used

I wanna go back to before

we were so close and he always

kept me wanting more he never

cared he was just playing

just there for a face just there

for a body a soul now I'm a shell

I'm run over I was in hell but

the floors were gilded and he left

me there by myself dirty damp

with tears upon my face

my body laying for waste

but these eyes were always

watching and these lips always

talking to me to get me through

an angel that had no wings

but he sure could sing

he sang to me of my beauty

inside and out erased those months

in hell filled with trouble

and doubt he listened to me

and saw me way down in hell

now he carries my on beautiful

dreams on wings provided by me

he'll never fail


completed what a marvelous word

a word I now know the

meaning of because I always had

an angel sent from up above

my God my God, you've never forsaken me

you've brought me a dream made it real life

a living breathing human being

one you designed and broke the mold with...

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Powerful verses that reach deep into the reader's soul, Meagan. Thank you for sharing. Love and peace and best wishes to you,