You're A Winner


kill me, choke me until I'm blue

shut me up in my room, let me rot

let me stink, the flies swarm and

become closer to me then you ever


I hate you.

I'm a prisoner, I'm a slave, I'm

an emotional wreck, nerves shot

rocking back and forth until brains

spill out of my ears onto the floor

shove me

I fall onto the gravel filled road

slam the door and drive, lean against

the wheel, press the petal down and

go go go

I hate you.

hands moving rapidly over paper

smeered ink on my fingers, blood from

my lips slipping down my chin and

landing onto this white fallen snow

of possibility, of future quality,

future ramblings, when you're dead,

because when you're alive you crush

my dreams, crush my laughter, crush me

stomp on me, make me vulnerable

make me scream

I ache my body shakes, head hurts,

I'm burnt, all products of you

beating me, you've beat me, I'm beat.

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