Our Grand Camping Adventure


let's drive around in your car

lose track of time and of who

we are, we don't get very far

but at least I am with you,

you get me through everyday and

my best friend you will always

stay, we have grand adventures

we have great talks, soon we will

hike in the woods and go on long

walks and get lost, we'll eat berries

'til your stomach hurts, we'll

turn around and walk the other

direction and hey, we might even

try to act like birds? you never

know what me and you will do, we're

almost as wild and carzy as a zoo,

and I might even start calling you my

little-becca-boo-boo. we find our way

out of the woods, run into Jared and

Tara making out under a tree, but HEY!

thats's alright with me, as long as

we're NEXT!

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Oh Meagan butt!!! I love you!!!