The green tea melted through my tounge

As I became crazy flooded with words

Remembering your speach clumsy and undone

You and I bouncing along in your Camaro

Hoping my head would hit the roof knocking me unconscious

Stopping at The Tree Of Freedom kicking up the Sparrows

I tuned you out by turning up my imaginings

Tried puncturing your lungs with my comical insults

(I'm the only one laughing)

You peered to look at me cutting your eyes to the side

We hit a powerline and you kept on rapping

My soul died

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Josef has taken up writing rap lyrics and I find them laying everywhere. He spits them out with every breath.

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disappear_here's picture

I can tell someone hurt you once upon a time. Your emotions are very strong in your poems. This one is beautiful too. I really dig your style =]