Best Friends Have Privileges


I'll sink into your arms

run my fingers through your hair

stare in to your eyes

kiss you mouth and let you know

that I care

I'll say things that make you


I'll say things that make you


I hope I never break your heart

or take all those sweet things

I have said, back

I know I will be an angel at

times and make you bless the

day I walked into your life

I know I'll be the devil at

times and make you wanna shoot me

'til I'm dead....

I'll listen to your worries

and cry with you until you're silent

and I'll think about you all night

stay up and trace your name over and

over again on my pillow wishing

you were there, and I'd never go

to bed...

I'll be your pet, come when you call

when you break the law I'll bust you

outta jail, fly you away to paradise and

you'd never go to hell

I'd fight the devil and he'd kill me

and that will be that but it'd give you

enough time to run away

and I'd come back as a ghost

haunt you all your life until your dying day

you'd go up to see Jesus then and you'd

never see my face again but that would be

alright because you could always remember

way back when...

my heart was broken but you made me

happy and your love I got to be a part of


for a short time, long ago, way back when...

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Harry Fubash's picture

i really love the way this one ends. love's a sad thing a lot of the time. and most people who've been in love will say that you spend a lot of time remembering the "way back when" moments most. i know exactly how it goes. i know what it is to love with such wreckless abandon that you could die without caring, almost, just because you know they'd live on.

all that was to say, i relate.