Kiss Me


It’s always dark around you but I’m never scared

Because your hands grip the steering wheel in such a way

That my mind gives into more peaceful views of reality.

I saw your eyes flooded with stars and I pressed my forehead against the glass,

My thoughts fogging the window where they met.

I greeted the stars just like you

And touched the brim of your hat with such satisfaction.

We bent with the curve of the road,

Arrived at the house we were headed to with a

Mischievous grin and glance at one another.

I blinked back my curiosity,

Stepping out into the thick blackness called Night.

What a final word.

(As final as seeing your form perched on the edge of my parents couch and rising slowly tugging at your pants.)

As final as you coming to stand close behind me,

Placing a stick of gum on your tongue and saying ‘Kiss me’.

The finality with you is just how it should be. Finally.

10-23-2008 To Rich

Author's Notes/Comments: 

10/23/2008 to Rich

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This is pretty much disgusting to me. I love this poem and I wished it hadn't been wasted on him.