My baby, with your wide-eyed stare

with your mystical yet clumsy grace you pace my room

pounce and leap at everything that moves

for a second or two then

change your outlook on things and come

to be cradled in me

my baby my baby of yet only three

sees things with pure vision

you're my cure to this coldness that rises within me

you warm me up and help me to breathe

help me to smile

soon you will be older

soon you will be quiet to stare at invisible things

on lazy days in the spring

but come cradle in me and be a baby for now

and change with the wind because you will grow in a

wave a furry

I will burry you....


                              in due time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my cat

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Dizzylemons's picture

Haha, this was brilliant! Had no idea it was gonna be about a cat, but thats the way the best are. Cool poem, take care.