Love, where'd you go?


Love, where'd you go?

It's summer and I'm all alone.

Laying on the dead brown grass

Dreaming of a sweet caress.

I spend these hot, long days

Reading lovely fairytales

Pretending the crinkly yellow pages

Belong to the story of my life.

My first Prince Charming fell off his horse

The second Prince Charming caused too much harm

The third Prince Charming I've yet to meet,

But maybe three is the lucky charm.

And maybe he'll kiss my glowing cheeks

And we'll have a picnic under the sun

He'll hold my hand and squeeze it tight

Then gaze into my dark brown eyes.

Love, youd make a wonderful story

For telling in the wintertime

Next to the crackling fireplace

With a glass of sparkling wine.

Oh, yes, love youd be so fine

Oh, dear, if you were only mine.

Id make you never want to go.

Love, you're all I want to know.

So love, whered you go?

Its almost fall and Im still alone.

The grass has changed to green again

And another fairy tale comes to an end.

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Yeah I always ask that question too.