Caught on You


Standing alone once again

She covers her mouth with her hands

Shivering, hesitating across the street

On that cool, November morning.

Squirrels scurry up the trees

The pair of swans is resting

She throws the stale roll to the ducks

And carries on alone

Looking at the sky she pauses,

Trying to shape the cloud into a boy.

She left him behind with her old life,

Her pretty pink sheets and lipgloss.

But she’s caught on you,

A fish and a hook,

She can’t swim away

From your quirky little look.

“Back home” she says, “were the days

Where we would run and play.

Back home where the skies were blue

And you’d shape clouds into daisies.”

All she needs is a vision of you

Up above in the hazy sky.

But she can’t shape the clouds

She can’t do more than cry.

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