A Never-Ending Love

The Old Stuff

I want to hold your hand

And never let go

I want to hold your hand

(but unlike Rose and Jack in Titanic

I�ll never let go)

I want to kiss your lips

Instead of speaking

Because kisses speak in a different language

I want to look into your eyes

And paint my walls the same color

I want to feel your skin

Next to mine at night

I want to tickle your feet

And get into a tickle war

Baby, I want to love you forever

Because loving you is all I need

I don�t need flowers or candy

I don�t need a ring or any other present

To know that all I need is you�

In a cardboard box on the street

Or high in the mountains in Colorado

Far away from home

Unhappily living happily together

Ripping off the Beatles

Laughing or crying

Together we�ll be

Unhappily living happily

You and me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written 4/28/03
edited 9/22/03

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james's picture

hey ill live unhappily happy with u !! lol. Great poem i liked it alot nothing i could think of would make it better. its perfect !