Leaving Home

The Old Stuff

Jelly beans and sugar highs

Silly boys and rollercoaster rides

Summer at it�s peak

Beaches with big waves

Counting down the days

Two days left in the week

Senior year, I�m feelin� high

Such a shame we�ll be saying goodbye

Come next July

Drivin� down the road at night

(But before 9 even if the sky is bright)

I still call it Freedom

Breaking rules

Cutting school

Sike! Me? Do that?

The year goes by

Tears in my eye

As we walk on that stage

Shaking hands

Smiling at our �fans�

I wonder what�s on the next page

It�s up to me now

No one to tell me when, where, or how

It�s all on me

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twiztid_girl_'s picture

Brings back memories of

Brings back memories of feelings once upon a time.

laury2k4's picture

Oh boy, doesn't it? Thanks

Oh boy, doesn't it? Thanks for taking the time to read (I hadn't read this in years until you posted on it!). I can't believe it's been almost a decade since I was a senior in high school writing that.