Why Do You Smile at Me?

The Old Stuff

We met, we talked, we laughed.

We didn�t know each other.

You looked my way,

took my heart away

And smiled.

I smiled right back,

Happy as can be.

We talked more and knew who each other were.

It happened again in mid-conversation:

You looked my way,

Made my day,

And smiled.

We said �hi� as we passed,

Caused each other to laugh,

But we still weren�t considered friends

Until that day when again:

You looked my way,

As we lay by the bay,

And smiled.

What happened next is no fairy tale,

For your smile causes me pain.

You wouldn�t be mine,

You couldn�t be mine,

But still you led me astray.

To this day I don�t understand.

Why did you smile my way?

We couldn�t be together

You acted as that untrue

You lied to me.

You smiled.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nov. 2001

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kiddo_catastrophe's picture

This is missing something, i cant put my finger on it but its missing something !!! reread it and think for awhile.