Untitled (V-day Poem)

The Old Stuff

If ever in my dreams I could find it to be true,

That I would find a love to be so great as me being with you.

Whenever we�re together I feel as if I�m lifted high,

High above the heavens way up in the sky.

If only society wasn�t itself,

I could love you even more.

If only people would understand,

I would never feel sore.

I ache when we aren�t together,

But I�m scared when we are.

I feel some things aren�t right,

But I also know all�s well.

I love you dearly,

Too much for words.

I want you to hold me,

Forever in you arms.

Now on this day of Saint Valentine,

I wish I could express my love to you.

But I both know I can�t,

Because our love is so forbidden.

We are like Romeo and Juliet,

Together bonded with love,

Our families bonded with hate.

Oh how I wish this didn�t have to be a story-book love!

Never let the situation interfere,

Only let us get between ourselves.

No one can take our bond away.

Love can�t be broken.

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not dated

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Vidal DeAngelisa's picture

This poem is so cute! It has a romantice feel but at the same time a somber one. My faveorite part is the whole romeo and juliet. It makes me want to know more.