Mixed Feelings

The Old Stuff

An aching heart,

A broken love.

A sorrowed soul.

I love you so.

You loved me more,

But not anymore.

I hurt so much,

You say you hurt more.

I still love you,

But it�s hard to.

I fear you.

I don�t like you.

What went wrong

Is a hidden threat

Of our love,

That was secretly kept

Through the years

We were together.

Thinking of you

Is painful,

But not having you

Is, too.

I don�t know what to do.

I love you.

How can I deal

With this love,

So unreal.

It�s scary.

I�m scared.

Let me go.

There is no ending

Of this love,


You�re always

In my heart,


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Vidal DeAngelisa's picture

you worded this poems so beautifully.