missing you

The Old Stuff

what am i

without you?

who am i

without you?

what am i supposed to do

without you by my side?


i am nothing.

a fa�ade covers it all

hiding it from you.

i don�t think you know my pain

is equal to yours.

my core melts around it�s steel walls

into the ground.

trying to be strong for the both of us

is tearing me down.

i can�t tell you it�ll be ok

until i know for sure.

i can�t tell you to eat or sleep

if you don�t want to.

i can only tell you that i want to be with you

every minute of the day.

i can only tell you that i ache inside

though i hide it so well from you.

from everyone.

i just wish you could stand tall

head high

marching forward through life

leave your worries behind

because i miss you

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Jenn Jenn's picture

wow I really like it. kinda sounds like me right now in my life! you are a really good writer!

Rae Pennachi's picture

hey, very well expressed, its hard to write things like that down on paper, i know its hard for me and im feeling the same way, good job i have read many of your other poems also and they are very good...