The Old Stuff

So now I'm lost

I don't know what I'm doing

don't know where I'm going

don't know where it's heading

All day sittin' here wondering

is it ever going to stop hurting

am I ever going to stop hurting you

I don't mean to...

Tears fallin' like a heavy icicle

Sharp and without direction

What's it doin' for me

I miss the tenderness...

Beating myself up

It's my fault that I'm losing you

It's my fault that it hurts

It's my fault for fucking up

Fucking up our love

I'm sorry isn't enough for you...

but it's all I can say or do

all I can think of to get you

get you to understand

what I don't get about myself

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Colin McNamara's picture

Sniff... beautiful... I'll admit I cried....