A Simple Story of Hope

The Old Stuff

The day I met you,

You had an empty heart.

Your soul was dark and mean,

And your eyes were stone cold.

I came to you with a smile,

Not afraid of what I saw.

You opened yourself up to me,

And said I made you feel loved.

That one small smile

Was enough to make you soft.

It was enough to fill the void in your heart,

And bring a little love in your life.

When we really got to know each other,

We saw we had similar interests:

Loud music, annoying our parents,

And other teenage rituals.

We used our similarities

To have fun together.

We talked about our differences

Which helped us understand each other.

We hung out and talked,

And talked,

And talked!

Then one day as we sat in our favorite tree,

I mentioned God and you looked lost.

You didn�t know God,

But I said I�d teach you.

So the next few weeks we read the bible,

Went to church, and got to know the Lord.

You began to show who you really were,

Deep down inside.

You are now saved.

You are now safe.

You now show a smile

That lights up this place.

The only favor

I ask of you,

Is to one by one

Show the world what I showed to you.

Never forget

The important lessons you learned.

Never forget

This special understanding we share.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Also from those faithful days...(not dated)

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kiddo_catastrophe's picture

id take out the last stanza, i like this one alot dont know why its in the folder u could do without but ok.

kiddo_catastrophe's picture

I liked this poem alot, it brought for alot of emotions and id just like to say goodjob