Faith in You

The Old Stuff

There is no way I can love you,

When I know you don't love me.

Why do you put me through this torture,

A life without a destiny?

You say you're there for me,

When I'm in need.

You say that you care for me,

Just like you'd care for a seed.

But I am seeing through you,

Seeing through your eyes.

Deep inside your heart,

All I hear are cries.

I'm not the one who needs help,

Your problem is not mine.

You cannot seem to find God,

Or will you just not cross the line?

I am willing to help you,

If you will let me try.

Please see that I am here for you,

Please see it in my eyes.

Once you find God,

You will find hope.

But even after that,

Sin can't be cleansed with soap!

I can love you again,

I have faith in you.

We'll stand side-by-side,

In the sky of the lightest blue.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem, back when I was a Christian...

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Chelsea N.'s picture

Hey Lauren,
I got this poem in the "post poems daily random poem" thingie. I really liked it it was an awesome poem, but you said back when you "were" a christian. How can that be? Once you have been saved thgrough Christ by faith, you are a christian for life no matter what.
~God's lil angel (FOR LIFE)

Louis Vinet's picture

This one is awesome, feels like I have felt this way before.