courage for you

The Old Stuff

what is it about you

that I adore so much?

what is it that makes me giddy

each time you speak to me?

what about you makes me sweat?

it must be those eyes of green!

but what do you feel for me

when I laugh endlessly as you fall off your chair?

what keeps me pushing for you?

why do I catch myself

falling head over heals

for a guy named You?

you're untouchable by me,

unbreakable by words.

a talent, a somebody,

you're way more than me.

and you win every little argument,

except against me!

you speak with such passion.

your lips I want to kiss.

you know just how to dress

so your eyes twinkle with beauty.

you make me want to look into them forever

and reach into your diamond soul.

courage is what I need

courage to let you know

courage to allow my passion to exist

courage to give me bliss

courage for you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

jan 2001
edited sept 26, 2003

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kiddo_catastrophe's picture

2nd paragraph, 4th line.... SUCKED.. rest of poem is awesome and i love it !!! so yeah look over that and see what u can do cuz that adore part just really took the poem real high and threw it against the ground. *HUGS* goodjob for the thought though.