Two of you

As I look at you closely
So clearly, I see
Two of you there,
One who yearns to be free
one that longs to show someone, your true face
with out any masks
only beauty and grace
A person to lead you to that special door
that helps you to come, from the passionate core
A person to help, break those old heavy chains
Free of all judgements,
Free once again
To drink deeply of passion
A bright scarlett cup
Like the oceans below me
Come bubbling up
Accept this embrace
Open your spirit your longing desire
Feeling totaly free
Released from the past,
Step beyond who you were
into freedom, at last
into a new future that you allready see
come,...soar and feel free!

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I truly empathize with the

I truly empathize with the subject of this poem. It is beautiful. Please post more....can't wait to read:-)

FYI - I think the 3rd line may have a typo.

Tanya Tee