This Uniform of Mine

Adorned on the right shoulder pocket flap of this coat
Is my infrared subdued Old Glory insigna, as she glows;
Above and parrellel with the top of my slanted chest pocket flaps
Are where the nametapes of U.S. Army and Ingraham overlaps;

In this uniform of mine,
Stands a man with a nation to defend;
In this uniform of mine,
Beats the heart of America’s bestfriend.

Worn on the back of this patrol cap is another nametape,
A patrol cap that fits comfortably around my head’s shape;
My excess laces tucked into the top of these tan size nines,
These medium regular trousers are broused inside at all times.

And with this uniform of mine,
I shall fight until the very end…
In the this uniform of mine
And show no mercy to do it again. this uniform of mine.

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fabulous. Thank you for

fabulous. Thank you for fighting for our freedom! I wish you safety as you do so, always.