Shadow of Love

A wolf's sense of smell,
through the concrete hills I can smell you...

We know each other but you don't dare--
your smile is cold, I wish you were mine!

Your regret is nurturing. Weaken your knees,
don't turn your heart to stone because in 

the arms of darkness there is no sunshine...
You desire me but deny it--

Your eyes shine like the sun and the moon,
yet you are blind...

Even then, I like you, I love you...
Slavery is having a friendship,
I contradict my other lovers...

Your lips taste like honey
and your body like a Goddess--
I adore you, I hate you, I forgive you, 

I will forget you...
Simply from aways we'll remain friends,
memories at a distance--

It was only one kiss, one night of passion...
I don't even know her name,
only her scent soothes

the beast in me--
with you it would be my pleasure
but it is your shadow I fell in love with...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many shadows, many lost loves...

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