Clown with a frown

ON-one, two and three for the money-
Sweeter than honey..this ain't to sideshow.
Circus freaks, liquid high leaks down the tube-
Burn slower, lower the flame, to close will
Disinagrate to fumes.

Nasty taste, toothpaste won't kill that breath-
Don't open your mouth the stench will penetrate,
Causing faint.
Saint or demon planting semen, monsters in bloom-
Gloomy days, looney nights, dark sunsets, moonlight

Slim look, never cook, small appetite.
Fasting for forty days, lasting awake for forty nights-
Blasting back to school, i remember when it was cool
To sizzle, occassionally now regurlarly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a lunatic on-one....

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