Untitled -- 12.25.2005

Are you happy??

You've made me cry

I swore no one would make me cry

Ever again

Yet somehow you made me cry

You have hurt me more deeply than you will ever know

Instead of trying to work things out

You insist on taking revenge

I didn't do it to hurt you

But yet you are doing your best to hurt me

I sit all alone and think about you

Think about what has happened and how things could be different

I am growing up

I am learning some hard lessons in the process

I realize now that you never really know what people are like

Or how they will treat you

I thought that I was more important to you than your pride

Just because I am not what you wanted me to be

Does not mean that I am not your daughter

Do you not love me because I dissapointed you?

Do you still care about me at all?

Or am I just a chapter in your book that has ended?

I am an adult now

Whether you like it or not

Whether you acknowledge it or not

All I want from you is the love and respect that I deserve

I work hard all the time to make you proud

I keep my grades up

And I always work to better myself

I got a job

I am saving money

I try to make you proud

I refuse to be treated like a child

I refuse to be put on a guilt trip

I refuse to let you manipulate me

I refuse to be a puppet

And I refuse to be an instrument of spite

I am my own person

I have my own hopes and dreams

I will live my life the way I want

And I will not be ordered about by anyone

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12-25-05 at 2:30

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tonitails's picture

this one is especially poignant... you've expressed yourself and the battle between adulthoood and childhood very well... one of the hardest lessons to learn growing up is that those you've always looked up to are also fallible...