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Muskogee, Oklahoma U.S.A.

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I like most motorsports with my
favorite being stock car racing
(dirt track) I like Harleys and
muscle cars especially owner
built and customized ones.
(I apprieciate the uniqeness
more than the dollars spent)
I enjoy working with sound and
lighting and experimenting with
with sound processing & effects
I think that while I can't play
an instrument, I can make them
sound good.

I'm single never married, with no kids of my own, although I have
helped to raise a few throughout the years. Although single I do have
a special someone in my life whom I love very much and loves me even
more. If you still wanna know more about me, you're gonna have to
introduce yourself!

About My Navel

6 + years USN in electronics
field as a Sonar Tech is my
naval description, a very cute
innie is my navel description

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

#1 ''I Started With Nothing ..... & .....I Still Have Most Of It Left!''
#2 ''Never Mess Around In A Dragon's Territory ..... For You Are Crunchy & Taste Great With Catsup!''
#3 ''My Mom Had Me Aborted...But I Got Better!''


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