Sorrowful Death

Sorrowful Death


“Chug, chug, chug,” Yea she did it. She chugged it all. “Again, again,’

A terrified yell echoed the hallway ,"Stop, stop. That’s not part of the plan.”

 “Not that moonshine it is tainted . Was supposed to be watered down wine, 

“Tainted? Why do you have it in your possession? Are you out of your mind.?”


“Guys, hey Guys, she’s not breathing. What are we to do?” “No wait, she breathes.”

“Barely. But her heart beat is very weak.” “We can dump her body, and quickly leave.

“But she’s not dead, we can not just leave her.” “So do you want to be charged in her death?”

“He’s right you know. She will not live much longer. So saying she took her last breath.


They come. Can you hear them? I can. I can hear them. Listen, listen close,

But where am I and what are they?Are they demons, or are they spiritual ghosts?

A terrifying melody? Nay it is not so, tis not a mournful sound, this,

I try to shelter my ears from the thunderous echo of a demons vengeful twist.


Closer, closer now, and even closer still, the evil deaths walk among me,

No escape. No escape. Here forever, my nightmare of demon’s. My reality.

Stronger now, so strong rotting flesh can not bear it much longer,this rancid smell,

Never had a smell such as this invaded my nostrils, must be from the pits of hell.


How did I come to be here?Was I meant to travel in this hellish hole?

 What is happening? Twisting, twirling, so fast could not breathe, had no control.

Nothing to ever say, no, I was here. At one time I was really alive.

I should have done more, I could have..... Please God, help me. Help me survive.


The thunderous beat of my heart, I want to scream, I try to scream, but spinning like a child’s top,

Why? This question burns my mind. I can not fathom the why of it all, just want it to stop.

Further and further, faster and faster, stop, oh please, no. I can not go on,

Gasping for air now, losing conscious thought, and my sanity, nearly gone.


An extraordinary rumble, earth crumbling pulling me further and further from my life,

Oh what a heart wrenching cry, agonizing pain, wounds of a twisting knife.

I just want to give in to this nightmare, face death and its timeless relief,

Why Have I sunk into death’s despair, endless desolation, oceans fiery reef.


I stop in mid air, hanging there, just hanging in the darkness, totally still as if numb,

Wisps of white smoke hold to my skin, smoldering heat, darkness, and then the distinct hum.

Below me they gather, hundreds upon hundreds of terrifying demons, from far and near,

Watching, waiting. Soon I would be released , I felt such a heart wrenching fear.


My heart jumps. No please not that. This could not happen, that would be too much.

Oh do not let me fall amid those demon things. I can not stand their evil touch.

Ripped apart, shredded as old paper in the wind, nothing, no part of me to survive,

The hum is louder now, they jump for me, they climb each other. Am I even alive?


I no longer feel my heart’s beat, I can no longer think, Ahhhh, I am falling ......

Hands all over me, I toss and turn. Such a tight hold. Who? my name? Someone’s calling.

“Thank God she is awake. We almost lost her. White walls surrounded. A hospital.I’m alive,

“Do you remember anything? Anything at all. I shivered. I remember being in hell, and survived.


The angel in the corner smiled. God had sent His angel to save me, and never would I forget.

I stayed away from moonshine, my so called friends worried I would tell, but they should not fret.

They could do what they must, without me. I heard the word plan so they were not guilt free,

Yet I would not worry over much, I am alive, and so happy to once again be me.