Wasteland of Destruction

Wasteland of Destruction


A thunderous explosion and the earth shed its tears,

A tiny spark, flame ignite, raging inferno, and it is here.

And the fiery rage grew and grew, spreading through out the land,

Mighty oak, maple , houses, trees, grass, earth’s destruction out of hand.


A barren wasteland, rain that burns your skin, then....what?

The clothes on my back, no food, roaming, looking, oh it is so hot.

The burn of my bare feet, well did you expect a long walk in heels?

And my stomach rumbled, but not knowing of my next meal.


Crossroads. I truly must rest, unsure of how long I must go on,

Time has no meaning, direction has no reason, oh how I want to go home.

Home? I laugh, but without humor, no more does it exist,

A rainbow of tears I cry, For soon will come death’s final kiss.


A dry, heavy heat so hard to breath, need coolness, perhaps a cave,

But no, for the last one come close to being my eternal grave.

 I remember the monsters, once human, once people, and I shiver,

I screamed then, the feel of skeletal fingers, gnashing teeth, flesh a quiver.



I barely escaped I ran, and ran, they gave chase but so far I survived,

But for how long? There is nothing, there is nowhere, am I really alive?

So all alone in this barren wasteland, the fear chills my soul,

I can not remember my life before , can’t remember my dream’s my goals.


All I can remember is running, always running. The buzzards, they come,

I need to move, I really do, but my head tingles and my legs are numb.

I hear a car, screams, shouts, I can not move, I can not run, I can not hide,

He stands above me, he smiles, don’t know how far we will get but now I ride.

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