My Name is Cindy

My Name Is Cindy

Such a wild land, so wild and untamed,

Just passing through I told myself, no need to speak my name.

On the trail forever; town to town, meadow to field,

Still they followed, but I could not yield.

A runaway bride, unheard of in the year 1765,

We were matched, we met, I barely made it out alive.

An evil one was he full of gambling and the drink,

As his fingers tightened my throat I almost seized to think.

A week had passed since my wedding night,

Haven't come any closer to the knowledge of the fight.

A virgin yes, but would that be the cause of anger from his breath,

Surely not that, not a rage to wish upon me death.

Closer now; I hear the dogs upon my scent, nothing I could do,

On foot I traveled; several miles back my horse threw a shoe.

He limped for many miles,his suffering, Oh I had to let him go,

Callouses on my feet, bruised ankles, and a huge blister on my big toe.

Thundering hooves , dust flying in the evenings sun,

Tears streamed from my face, nowhere left to run.

I could not live with a monster, a madman such as he,

And as I pulled the trigger, blood flowed. My name was Cindy

Left for dead, on an old dirt trail, steady rain falling from the sky,

The bullet struck,I know it did, So why didn't I die.

I saw the blood, I felt the sticky flow upon my hands,

Impossible; I was no longer on the trail, but a beaches white sands.

Waves churned mercilessly in the vast salty sea,

What in the world had happened to me?

This place I did not recognize nor how I came to be here,

And in the storms wrath, a gentleman appeared.

A huge scar beneath my hair, but no one knew my tale,

They would not believe my age, nor my escape from a past hell.

He gently carried me to a place of warmth , and now I was free,

It was the year 1969, and still here, my name is Cindy.

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