Welcome To My Nightmares

Sleep, sleep,deep deep sleep,

Travel to the darkness where the nightmares creep.

Slowly they invade,silently they strike,

Forcing their way into the journey of your mind.

You're running; running so fast,your breath comes in a rush,

You try to calm it, but it isn't enough.

They hear you, they can feel your heart as it beats,

And all the while a blast of heat.

Scorching,searing hot air,

The voices, the cries,mournful despair,

Where do they come from; these cries from the soul?

The agony that's portrayed, do you really want to know?

Twisted fingers, gnarled lips,

And oh the feel as they touch slightly, grazing with their icy fingertips.

Their eyes, so hollow, lifeless, their heartwrenching screams,

And farther you sink in the land of dreams.

So rancid, rotting flesh,deaths smell,

And I know I'm tumbling into the pits of hell.

The deeper I sleep, the farther into my nightmares,I creep.

Wake me when it's over,I cannot run anymore,

Only peace,That's what I am searching for.

Cause the deeper I go.....

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Jennifer Lydon's picture

loved it.