The Simpliest Pleasures

The Simplest Pleasures

Give me no golden chains nor silver's mine,

All I need is your smiles bright shine.

Give me no mansion nor condo that rises tall,

All I need are the woods in the chill of fall.

Little gifts, little treasures, the simplest of things,

The smile within that a thank you brings.

Love of life, love of laughter, the sparkle of an eye,

The peace that surrounds spotting birds in flight.

Children's small hands building a clubhouse of wood,

Miss matched pieces but still it stood.

You look towards each face, pride shines through,

The simplest things the little things they do.

A homemade mother's day card, a hug at days end,

A note on a paper little messages they send.

A fish caught so big excitement abounds,

Reliving the moment they all gather round.

In winters chill a snowball attacking the others base,

Not long there after a slippery foot race.

Hot chocolate cooked on the wood stove wet clothes hung to dry,

Times past, the simple things, old memories bring tears to my eyes.

Give me no rubies that sparkle nor diamonds that shine,

My children are my treasures the simple things, all the time

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