Dreams Surround Me

Dreams Surround Me

Dreams surround me; chaotic visions untold,

Twisting and turning, lonely hearts grow cold.

Can I see? Do I feel? Why do such memories haunt?

Such force, such agony, such a will to tease and taunt.

Oh the pain, no matter time’s passage it lingers still,

Your face capturing my strength crushing my will.

And the beat of my heart slows turning to stone,

Never to awaken, never to love, existing alone.

Behind these cold, cold walls I seem to always recede,

Loneliness, emptiness, past hurts; they are my feed.

Only a darkened void where my heart once lay,

Spiraling shadows keep loves emotion far away.

Where are you? Please come for me before I’m totally destroyed,

Find my soul and replace the darkened void.

Awaken me; release me from my destructive thoughts,

Be my soul, be my need, be my want.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

sure dreams are always there as you said..we are surrounded by different dreams..and we try to make them fulfill... pray for your success