Raindrops and Tears

Raindrops and tears and I feel the loneliness start

It should ease my soul yet it rips at my heart.

Life’s pent up burdens approach a steady call,

But no one is near to catch me if I fall.

Dare I wonder and dream? Is there hope?

But no I think not; all alone I must cope.

Savage memories entwine twisting and turning,

Endless suffering rage in my mind burning.

No peace will I ever know for it has been foretold,

As ancient as time the turmoil which strikes my soul.

Yes, no, maybe confusion so often invades my mind,

No one to turn too only me for the one true I cannot find.

Where are you? Where are you? Please come to me.

Help me, love me, push away the pain set my soul free.

Though I cry, I mourn, I dream, I whisper for him,

My faith, my hope, my souls light begins to dim.

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