He Haunts Me So

Oh but why does he haunt so?

Is it much to ask for him to release this hold?

I want to love him want to feel his arms safe and warm

A protector keeping me from all earthly harm.

I want to touch to taste again and again

Let him know that he’s the only man.

He invades my mind at times I wish it not,

Past times our time, no matter I have not forgot.

I try; I try so very hard to remove him from my soul,

But then sadly lacking is my self-control.

I love you, I love you not, I love you but I don’t,

So confusing this feel so right, yet so wrong.

He said he would return didn’t he? And so very far away

But it’s of no importance for where he’s at he should stay.

I love him so much but what of his future return?

When he leaves again my soul will fail and my heart will silently burn.

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