Gifts From The Heart

Give me no roses, nor diamonds that shine,

All I need, is a little of your time.

Give me no pearls, nor fancy fur coats,

All I need, is a little I love you note.

The treasures that mean so much to me,

Is my name with yours in my favorite oak tree.

Pictures drawn by my children, so long ago,

Don't know what they are,and never told them so.

The mothers day cards, written with love,

The homemade ornaments, shaped like a dove.

Their smiling faces, as they discussed their Day at school,

Even their frowns, when they knew they broke The rules.

The times they traveled and I stayed at home,

A phone call from them,worrying about me being

Alone.Pictures and postcards, meant for me,

Thats the treasures I long to see.

Give me no diamonds nor rubies, or such,

Gifts from the heart, to me, thats means

So much.

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