Thank You Daddy, I Love You

In modern times when heros abound,

All I have to do is look around.

My daddy is my hero and it fills me with such pride,

To know that he is always standing by my side.

As I was growing he was always there,

Standing with me to let me know he cared.

Didn't matter what I had done, or what I would like to do,

Somehow, somehow he always knew.

The tears I cried from broken hearts,the fear , the anger, and the pain,Daddy was always there and there he remained.

He helped me with a new life's start he was there when I needed him most,as he ages in years it breaks my heart, cause the thought of life without him rips me apart.

Any time there's trouble and I need a helping hand,

My daddy can always be depended on to lend it and I thank him for that.

He's older now, aging in years,

But my daddy is still there wiping away my tears.

Thank you Daddy, I love you.

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