Echo's high from the mountain top,

The cry of pain, from a broken heart.

The longing just to see you again,

And this long, lonely night will never end.

Shadows appear,fog settles all around,

My once happy smile, is replaced with a frown.

I feel the mist as it dampens my skin,

But it fits my mood, as old memories begin.

He stole my heart at the very first meeting ,

but it wasn't long before he left it bleeding.

The pain, how can I deal with this ache inside?

It hurts so much being without you tonight.

Tiny drops of rain, fall from the sky, but then I

Realize it's these tears that fall from my eyes.

No one can realize the hurt that I feel,

I only wish it was not real.

Maybe its only a dream that I will awake from,

And laugh at my fears, with the morning sun.

Maybe, maybe, maybe, but I know it's not true,

Baby please come back, I love you.

Echos come back reflecting my pain ,

A long lonely night, without you again.

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