My Stolen Heart

My Stolen Heart

Starlight magic and moonbeams

My mystery man, the man of my dreams.

On swift wings he came in the night,

Stole my heart like a thief in flight.

With him, wild passion soared,

I loved as I never had before.

He gathered me in his arms, and held me tight,

That night, I was shown true earthly delight.

I had no fear, in him I held trust,

There were no doubts, nothing unjust.

He took from me the worry and the loneliness that I had,

He freed my soul, I could never forget that.

His deep blue eyes held me spellbound,

No need for words, no need for any sound.

Our thoughts were as one, our actions so clear,

With him I felt so safe, so secure.

Swift clouds enveloped me, held me fast,

I didn’t want it to end, I wanted it to last.

As swiftly as he had come, he had gone,

As I awoke from my sleep, I realized, I was all alone.

My thoughts are of him, all the day into the night,

My heart he invaded, my soul, is no longer mine.

It is destined that someday we shall meet,

For only my mystery man, can set my soul free                      


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